#01 Broad St NW Pedestrian-Only Environment


Install removable barriers in the Fairlie-Poplar district to create “pedestrian only” environment.

Result: Broad St NW is one of Downtown’s most cherished destinations brought to life by foot traffic interest in the variety of restaurants and retailers along the tree-lined street and small-scale historic buildings. Acknowledging each of the businesses along Broad St NW will continue to require service operations, the proposed daily closure for Broad St NW is to enhance the pedestrian experience during the peak hours of business.

The closure barrier will eventually facilitate a daily closure to vehicles from 10AM-2PM Monday-Friday by closing Poplar St at Forsyth St. However, due to the present reduction of foot traffic on Broad St NW, the closure barrier will remain in the open position and will not be deployed at this time. CAP/ADID is optimistic about the near future and will closely coordinate with stakeholders to identify when best to proceed with the daily closure as planned.

LocationBroad St NW
Atlanta, GA
ETAQ1 2021