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Truist Plaza Parking Garage


303 Peachtree Center Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

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The Truist Plaza Parking Garage and the adjacent surface lot are managed by Reef Parking Solutions. The parking manager’s office is located on C Level near the Peachtree Center Avenue entrance of the garage. Office hours are Monday - Friday from 7:00am-7:00pm. Monthly parking arrangements are available, per your lease agreement. The parking facilities are equipped with License Plate Recognition software enabling monthly parkers to enter/exit with ease.  Building access cards and license plates may be programmed by Reef Parking Solutions to provide access to the facilities. For issues with license plate or card access, please contact Reef Parking Solutions at 404-223-3215.

Covered parking is available on ten (10) levels in the Truist Plaza Parking Garage located on the block bordered by Courtland St., Baker St. and Peachtree Center Avenue with entrances on both Peachtree Center Avenue and Baker St. Reserved Parking, contingent upon your Lease agreement, is located on both BL and A Levels. Pedestrians may access the Parking Garage via the Food Court located on BL level or via Peachtree Center Avenue on C level directly under the Pedestrian Bridge. Elevators are located in the western portion of the garage.

Surface Lot Parking visitors MUST pull a ticket for parking at the ticket dispenser at the entrance on Ralph McGill Blvd. and pay at the pay station located on C Level of the Garage as they are leaving.  They may also pay in the lane at the automated pay station upon exiting on Ralph McGill Blvd.  However, for the most expedient exit, they should pay at the pay station on C Level and the gate will automatically lift as it will recognize the license plate & pre-paid ticket upon exiting. Stairs leading to and from the surface lot are located near the Garage’s north exit ramp on Peachtree Center Avenue. Designated Handicap Parking is available on the upper section of the lot adjacent to Peachtree Center Avenue and the Imperial Hotel apartments.

Monthly Parkers must have their license tag registered with Reef Parking in order to take advantage of the license plate recognition system.  Alternately, building access cards must be programmed into the parking system and users must scan at the card reader each time they enter the facility.  Please be sure to keep your access card number current with Reef Parking.  Also keep it within easy reach, even if your tag is registered in the event a camera malfunctions, your card will provide entry/exit. If there are issues with your tag or card not working, please pull a ticket to enter the garage and contact the parking office to identify the issue and have it resolved. Your cooperation in these items will keep traffic moving smoothly for everyone.

Visitor Parking is located on C Level at the Peachtree Center Avenue entrance.  Visitors may gain access to the Garage by taking a ticket from the ticket spitter machine and pulling straight into the garage where 34 spaces are reserved for office visitors. Visitor Parking is limited to two hours.  Regular parking rates apply to anyone using the Visitor Parking spaces.  Visitors may also park in any non-reserved parking space in this 10-level parking facility.

Monthly parkers are not permitted to park in Visitor Parking. Violations will result in vehicles being towed, so please do not park in these reserved areas.

Designated Handicap Parking is available on levels G, H and J of the parking garage near the parking elevator lobbies. Automatic doors are located on the north side of each elevator vestibule.

Validations are sold in increments of 1 hour, All Day and After Hours or tenants may use the e-validation system.  Visitors should take their parking tickets with them and pay for parking at the pay station located on C Level, or tenants may wish to validate the ticket with a sticker or utilize the web-based validation system.  For more information on validations, please contact Reef Parking Solutions.

Billing Inquiries may be directed to the Parking Garage Manager, Reef Parking Solutions. Monthly payments MUST be mailed to the address shown on your invoice or paid via recurring payments set up through Please DO NOT mail parking payments to the building’s rental address. Parking ambassadors and maintenance staff are NOT able to accept monthly payments.

Parking Rules:  Traffic regulations must be followed at ALL times. Please observe the speed limit of 5 miles per hour, observe all stop signs and approach pedestrian crossing areas with caution. Smoking is not allowed in the garage and no liquids are to be poured out onto parking garage floors.

Parking Garage Hours
The Truist Plaza Parking Garage and adjacent surface lot are open to contract parkers and visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please be sure to have your vehicle make, model & tag information on file with the parking management office in the event of an emergency and to utilize the license plate recognition system for speeding entry/exit to and from the facility.  If you wish to leave your vehicle overnight, please notify building security.

Upper Baker St. Entrance (D Level) Open: Monday-Friday from 5am-8pm
Lower Baker St. Entrance (E Level) Open: Monday - Sunday - open 5am to 1am
Peachtree Center Ave Entrance (C Level) Open: 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
The North Ramp exit to Peachtree Center Ave. Open: Monday-Friday from 2pm-7pm

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