Your Dog Can Compete For Some Seriously Pawsome Prizes At Doggy Con Atlanta Next Month

July 23,2019

Kayla Dungee, Narcity

Everyone in the city is getting revved up for Dragon Con and the 80,000 people that'll be in attendance over Labor Day weekend. However, before you give your all to creating your Dragon Con look, you might want to save some energy for Doggy Con. Taking place two weeks prior to Dragon Con, this convention incorporates pop culture looks from you and your furry friend. This Atlanta convention and festival allows you and your dog to compete for top prizes

Doggy Con will consist of a pet parade and costume contest, and creativity will be key. You definitely won't win by slapping any old Halloween costume on your pup. Past years winners nailed their unique looks that clearly took a lot of effort. This is the third year that Doggy Con has taken over Woodruff Park, so you'll want to create a costume that goes down in history. 

You'll be competing in three separate categories: Best in Show, Best Doggie/Owner "Con-bo" and Best Cosplay Costume. Even if you don't win, you still get some free swag just for registering. You and your dog can kick it at Fetch Park & Icehouse afterward to celebrate even being part of the competition.

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