Thank You Letters

The Ambassador Force® frequently receives compliments on its service.

Tell us how we are doing.

Here are a few examples of letters received from people who have been impressed by Downtown's Ambassadors.

"Thank you SO MUCH to Ambassador J. Murray today for his help! I took the day off of work so that my daughter and I could go to the Children’s Museum for a special day together since she is turning 5 years old in a couple of days. The regular deck we usually park in was full, so we parked in a surface parking lot a few blocks away. When we left, we went in the wrong direction and got a bit turned around. Long story made short, we couldn’t find our car! We enlisted the help of 2 parking lot attendants at other decks/lots, 2 concierge staff at 2 different hotels and a Lyft driver. None of them could help us locate our car! After searching for almost 2 hours, one of the Marriott’s staff called Mr. Murray and he quickly arrived, asked us a few questions about our memory of the lot and the details of our car and he went off to search. In 10 minutes he returned to the Marriott and escorted us to our car!! He was a godsend!! Thank you so much!!! People like him make me proud to call Atlanta my home!!! I was at my wit’s end and my daughter was nearing meltdown mode. I am so thankful!" -Dawn

We are remiss in not thanking you sooner for providing the Ambassadors for our off-site dinners while in Atlanta.  Their presence and support gave all of us a sense of security.  We are grateful for you also taking the time to meet with us at the Marriott to align the Ambassadors.  This program is absolutely outstanding and we fully recognize its value.  How I wish more big cities would engage in such a terrific effort. -Kim and Ashley

I want to be sure that Milton Owens gets a pat on the back for a job well done. Saturday night my wife and I met a couple for supper and walked to a play. After the play I realized that I wasn’t sure which deck I’d parked in. As I was beginning to search, Mr. Owens asked if we needed help. He went out of his way to locate my car. He took my ticket, went to a particular deck, returned to say he’d found it, and led us to the car. All the while he was assisting others by answering their questions.

As a native Atlantan it made me proud that we have organizations like CAP and people like Mr. Owens. And what a great impression that must make on out of towners. Please be sure to thank Mr. Owens, and keep up the good work. -Joe B.

Really great idea! A very nice man helped me figure out how to get to my hotel after I got off at the wrong metro stop. Keep up the good work! -Jill B.

I have to let you know how wonderful Mr Albert Jackson is! Last week, I was in town for a couple of days for a work event and was staying at the Marriott Marquis Hotel  downtown.  My car had been parked for 2 days in the garage across the street which you all monitor.  When getting in my car to drive home, I notice I have a flat tire!  Good gracious, what a set back and what in the world do I do? Call my help...  Searching for answers, thinking of what to do, and who walks by?  Mr Albert Jackson!  I think the man up there was looking out for me on this one...  

So, I had no clue the parking deck has actual people who monitor these places, but it makes sense, and his timing was impeccable.  I am sorry to make a short story long but I want to make sure you get my point. Mr Jackson was an angel and not only did he get my tire issue corrected, he went over and beyond the call of duty, and with an amazing  attitude. He is a true leader, very professional, courteous, and he is amazing. 

I wanted to give him a little money for helping me and he would not accept it. I just hope he is being paid well, because he is an absolutely amazing person and I hope you value him as a part of your team there. I asked if he would at least give me him contact information and yours so I can send you this information. I hope you will pass this along to the top of the ladder, so he can get more recognition and maybe even an award of some sort. Thank you for reading this. -Kim M.

My name is Avery and I work [in] downtown Atlanta. On Wednesday evening, I ended up working until around 8P….it was dark earlier than I expected and the safety officer in our building suggested the Ambassador Force Program for an escort. Only a few minutes passed and Mr. Milton Owens was on our door step to walk with me to the State parking garage at 90 Central. He was so nice, courteous, and willing to tell me about the Ambassador program and what it does in the downtown area with providing directions and all types of assistance. I even tried to offer him a tip for his kindness but instead he offered a business card with your name on it. I truly appreciated his service and positive attitude….he removed my angst about walking to my car after dark at the Five Points area in front of 2 Peachtree.   
This email is to thank Mr. Owens and let you know how important I believe this program is to the health and safety of this area.  So, thank you. -Avery F.

Yesterday morning, I dropped my wallet in a parking garage near Peachtree Center. I didn’t realize it was missing until late in the afternoon, when I went to use it.  I started a frantic search for it, only to realize that I had several missed calls on my phone. Mr. Bernard Geter had found my wallet shortly after I’d dropped it, looked online to find me, and left a message for me. We spoke yesterday afternoon, and my wallet was returned to me in person by Mr. Geter this morning – with all $102 in cash still inside.

This was proof that not only are there still good, kind, honest people in this world, but also that your company employs one of them. I thanked him this morning, but I felt like someone else should know too. -Lysa M

After fighting rush hour traffic I found a parking garage that I thought was near the Congress Center. It was not that close, it was a good six to eight blocks away. After going through the NRA exhibits, I exited the Center at a different location than where I went in. After walking for about an hour in the very hot downtown Atlanta, I could not find the parking garage where I parked my vehicle. I found a Georgia State University officer and asked for help, after riding with him for a while without finding the parking garage, he put me in touch with Lorne Coleman. To make a long story short, Mr. Coleman asked me questions about landmarks I had not thought of, but all I could remember was the trolley tracks curving in front of the garage. Although Mr. Coleman was very busy, he took the time and patience with me and after checking several parking garages he found the one I was parked in. I was and still am very grateful to him and the department he works for. I am retired from the City of Huntsville where I worked closely with our police department for over thirty-seven years. I don't know of many of Huntsville's officers that would go the extra mile as Mr. Coleman did. I feel his help needed to be recognized, because he sure helped me at a time when I needed it most. Thanks again.  -Mike H. 

[Looking for where we had parked our car], we had by now walked in what seemed like circles for a little over 2 hours and I was so tired.  We all were tired and thirsty.  He took us to one of the Ambassador Force stations, got us each a cup of water and a place to sit down for a few mins. Another agent by the name of J. Murray then joined in the search. With some of the questions he asked us, he got a couple of ideas for where our parking was and sent Mr. Stinnette to check for our vehicle.  SUCCESS…finally. They then saw us to our vehicle and waved us off, likely relieved to see us go.

I’m writing to thank those 2 gentlemen and the Ambassador Force.  The help and reassurance they offered was invaluable. My former military spouse worked for a time in protective services, and several times I had the thought that the professionalism of Mr. Stinnette and his manner of serving us equal that of many high-level government agents. He made us feel safe, recognized our need to rehydrate and rest, and never gave up. Public service positions are usually low-paying and the workers so underappreciated, which is sad. No words can fully describe how grateful I was for your agents. In a very embarrassing situation, they made us feel normal, not a burden, and as if helping us was a pleasure. That sort of kind, serving spirit is uncommon. Again, thank you so much for what you do. I pray God will bless you all in a measure far surpassing the desires of your hearts as you serve the city of Atlanta the way you do.

Thank you,

Greetings Ambassador Force,

I would like to sincerely thank your two night supervisor team members for their support for me. Friday was my first day on my new delivery job, and when I turned the car on to start my order pick up, it didn't start. Thanks to your two team members who jumped in immediately to help get my car started and off I went to do my delivery. Thanks to them, I was able to make my delivery on time, and not lose my job on the first day.

Thank You,

Dear Sgt. Spillane,

I just wanted to reach out again, now that I am back home in Toronto, and thank you and your team of Ambassadors again for helping me out with my stolen wallet this past Saturday, and all the good work you do! I am so thankful for the Ambassador turning it in, and it made my trip a bit less stressful to have the ID returned intact. 

All the very best to you and your team. 


My wife and I decided to take the MARTA and explore downtown. Not super familiar with the area we were stopped on a corner looking for a place for early supper and to rest from walking. Behind us we heard a friendly voice asking if we needed assistance. It was Ambassador Dozier – witty, charming, he lead us to the best meal we’ve had since moving here on March 1st. He also made us aware of where to go and where not to go. We truly appreciate his assistance and sweet demeanor.

Thanks for all you do!

Holly and Amanda

I wanted to express my gratitude for  Officer Lorne Coleman and his awesome customer service. I was in a bind and needed to run inside of The World of Coke to purchase something from the store before closing time. Officer Coleman was extremely helpful in making my process easy. He allowed me to park outside of the store temporarily while I made my quick purchase. It don’t seem like a lot but it definitely was a great help to me. I am appreciative of  Officer Coleman’s willingness to help and understanding. Thank you  for his service. Small stuff like that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Jasmine P.

I went to a recent event in downtown Atlanta, and I have never met such a friendly, helpful group of people than the Atlanta Ambassadors. Keep up the amazing work.


My wife and I want to thank the fine people Ambassadors that helped us while in your city. They went out of their way to help us. If we even had a puzzled or searching look on our face suddenly an Ambassador would show up to help us. It made our stay much more enjoyable than expected. I want to thank to crew around Peachtree Station and the corner of Peachtree and Andrew Young especially. We will be back!

Paul M.

Thank you for your support of the Atlanta Homeless Registry. Because of your generous contribution of time, staff, equipment and supplies, the registry was a great success. Special thanks goes to the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District for sponsoring the Registry.
394 homeless neighbors were registered in one evening - that is a tremendous effort and it could not have happened without you. Please know how much your partnership is appreciated.

Warm Regards,
The Unsheltered No More Team

I recently was in your city during the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference held by Bishop TD and Lady Serita Jakes.  On the last day of the conference, my friends and I decided to take the train.  On the way back to our hotel we got off the train and was heading in the wrong direction when we ran into Mr. Michael Dozier. 

Mr. Dozier greeted us with a smile and asked us where we were heading.  He engaged us with a warm felt personality and informed us we were going the wrong direction.  He got back on the train with us and walk us back to our destination.   After this encounter, we felt that God sent Mr. Dozier as our guarding angel to get us back to our destination.  He was on his way home and he took the time to make sure that four women from North Carolina got to destination safe.  We thank God and appreciate Mr. Dozier for doing what he does, and he does it with a smile.  He is truly an asset to your team.

Thank you so much.  May God continue to bless your city with employees like Mr. Michael Dozier


My name is Cathy Lovett and I am a sales manager at the new Holiday Inn Express and Suites at the corner of Luckie and Cone.  I wanted to write personally and tell you what a great job the people who patrol our area do. We have bikers, Segways and walkers and each and every one is nice, friendly and helpful. I have worked in the downtown hotel community for almost 24 years and I always tell people that the Olympics were great and I would not take anything for being involved, and of all the great things that we got out of it - Centennial Park, Turner Field, etc, the Ambassadors was the very best thing Atlanta ever did.
Just wanted to brighten your day and spread some cheer.   Keep up the good work.


Friday August 31st my 21 year old son was returning to his car from Dragon Con in Atlanta at 10:30 pm. The car would not start and he called us. We are 2 hours away in Anderson SC and could not do much for him. He went to the parking garage attendant who called the ambassadors.  They came quickly and jump started the car for him.  We are very grateful for their services since we couldn't help him. Keep up the good work we really appreciated it!

Keren C.

Last night, I was on my way back to my car from the chaos of Dragoncon when my cell phone died taking with it my understanding of where I parked.  I searched for over an hour, asked a policeman for help (he said that was not his job, “so, good luck”!), and was franticly about to give up all hope.  Right then, I looked through the crowd of oddly dressed people and saw a professionally dressed Ambassador!  After he patiently took in my situation, he called to get everyone around the area working on my problem.  He expressed to me that he was not about to leave me since my cell phone was dead.  Once another Ambassador came up and took me to get a drink, the first guy Radford Taylor, took off immediately looking for my car!!!

Mr. Taylor called back several times to check on me and provide updates.  Based on the vague information I provided (my first time in downtown Atlanta), he found my car several blocks from where I swore I left it.  These guys are amazing, professional, and so helpful.  No matter how discouraged I got or needy I was, Mr. Taylor and others worked with me and got me what I needed so that I was safe and on my way.  Every city needs a program like The Ambassador Force in Atlanta.  If they don’t have one, that city is wrong! 

Forever appreciative,
Shane F.

Hi. My sister and I  were recently in your GREAT city for a few days and we were pleasantly introduced to your Ambassador program. We stayed in a downtown hotel and while out walking around looking for a nice dinner spot we met Mr. Lang (sorry, can't remember his first name). He was FANTASTIC!!! Very approachable, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. Mr. Lang may be 6 foot something, but his personality made him 12 feet tall. He gave us several options for dinner including directions, but he also gave us some helpful advice safety- wise. 

The following evening my 10 year old nephew and I were out for a short walk and ran into Mr. Lang again. He called out to me by name, and asked how everything was going.  His recognizing me and remembering my name was very touching.

Although Mr. Lang was simply doing what he was hired and trained to do, you cannot teach personality, you either have it or you don't,  he has plenty of it. Please encourage Mr. Lang  to keep up the great work.

During review and raise time please remember what an awesome gentle giant you have working for the Ambassador Force.

Deidre W

My family and I had the pleasure of visiting downtown Atlanta last week and were pleasantly surprised to find how safe and welcoming the city appeared, even at night.  Although most of our time was spent at daytime venues such as the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta and various museums, we also ventured out at night to neighboring restaurants for dinner.  Due to the obvious police presence and people on the street, we never felt intimidated or in danger at any time.  One evening while discussing dinner plans on a street corner deciding where to dine, Sergeant James Winterbower of the Ambassador Force approached us and asked if we required assistance.  He kindly gave us some restaurant options and directed us to our restaurant.  During it all, Sergeant Winterbower was polite, friendly and professional.  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Atlanta, in part due to Sergeant Winterbower, and look forward to again visiting your wonderful city in the near future.

William H.

I would like to commend the Ambassador Force employee who was stationed outside the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel at 6:45 this evening. I am a walker, and I was concerned, because the last time I was in Atlanta, about five years ago, I could only walk a short distance without being approached again and again by men looking for handouts and even walking beside me for many blocks. The ambassador was very helpful and even approached me in Centennial Park, while he was on his way home, to be sure I was okay! You are very fortunate to have him. I also commend Atlanta for greatly reducing the problem of having women approached many times by men they do not know. I didn't have any problems this year.

Finally, I love your city!

My wife and I were in your wonderful city for three days last week and had the good fortune to meet Elaine Sampson badge # 47. She has the perfect job for her. I’m going to take a flier and assume that the personality requirements for her position would be a person that is outgoing, helpful,cheery, knowledgeable and upbeat. She displayed these qualities and many more. She is truly an asset to your great city. You have a great program in your Ambassador Force. Please keep it in tact.

James and Jean

I wanted to take a minute to let you know what a GREAT JOB Lorne Coleman did the Atlanta Market Tuesday. He was very kind and willing to help in any way possible. This day and time it is very hard to find someone that seems to truly enjoy their job. Most people are very willing to take the time to complain but very few will take the time to compliment a job someone did for them.

Job well done Lorne, thank you


Hi, I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful service your company offers. I was lost today in downtown as I was there for a meeting, and an employee of yours assisted me in the right direction. I would like to commend her on a job well done! She (Mrs. Jackson, I believe was her name. She had on a red button down blouse that stated “public works” had a very professional approach and was very knowledgeable of the city.) I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your employees are and what a wonderful job you all do!

Thanks so much,

I would like to take a few moments of your time to report the outstanding treatment that I received while in the fine city of Atlanta yesterday.
I am from the Houston Texas area and travel to Atlanta often for work. On this trip, I got on the Marta train to the Airport to return home when I realized at the Civic center stop that I had left my purse with my driver's license, credit cards, and cash by the MARTA ticket automated machines. I hopped off the train and walked back to the North Avenue and Peachtree stop, numb with panic. I knew I was in one heck of a spot.

I told officer Coleman about my dilemma and he said that most likely the worst had occurred. He went to get the proper person to report the incident. In the meantime, I received a text message on my cell phone from a young man named Robert who said he had picked up my purse and would return it to me.

Officer Coleman returned with a young man from MARTA, ( I am afraid I didn't get his name) as well as officer Troy Washington. I told them that the young man was going to return my purse. They were hopeful for me, but wary and stayed with me until the young man returned. It never occurred to me that there was the chance that I could be taken advantage of in this situation, but the officers did stay and I am so grateful that they were concerned enough to remain and watch out for me.

Miraculously, Robert brought my purse back to me with all contents untouched. He did not want to take any money, but I insisted he take the little that I had. The young man from Marta made sure I did not have to purchase another ticket to the airport and I was able to arrive at the airport in ample time to make my flight. As my daughter would say, the whole experience was "awesome" and I shared my story with everyone on the train while heading back to the airport. While on the train, the young man sent me a text again thanking me for the money. He said he had not been sure how he would make his rent, but the money he received would make it easier for him this month.

A special thanks to Lorne Coleman, Troy Washington, and the other gentleman from MARTA for watching out for me and sharing in my blessing.

Rhea B.

I live downtown and am on the streets a lot so I have a lot of interaction with the Ambassadors. You have some wonderful employees and I don't know many of them by name but do know Brendan and have for years. Today I was talking to him for a minute at the visitors booth. A European couple, a large family from the Philippines, and an Asian couple with three small children came up within a five minute period and all left with big smiles on their faces. They got the information they wanted and he delivered it with such charm and kindness. Every time I see him with people he is doing a wonderful job of making them feel welcome. So glad he is one of our Ambassadors. Thanks to you and all of your Ambassadors who make downtown living more special and easier. We do appreciate you.

Patricia S.

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much my son and I appreciate the work of your Ambassador Force. From the moment we stopped by the desk at Andrew Young Int’l. Blvd. and Spring St. on this past Saturday morning we were treated with courtesy and a desire to help us resolve our situation. Immediately a street patrol Ambassador was called to our location and carefully listened to our dilemma. She notified other bike patrol Ambassadors and they went to work right away trying to locate the parking garage where my son thought he had left his car the night before.

They stayed with us for over 2 hours until our situation was resolved. They were professional, friendly and definitely knowledgeable of the downtown area. They did not give up trying to find our car and we had a successful outcome.

In particular, I want to make sure you know of the outstanding efforts of Lethia Bates, who was the first Ambassador we encountered, David Sloan El and Caesar de Jesus. In addition, Robert Ewell provided a lot of assistance. They definitely went that extra mile to help us and we can’t thank them enough. Please make sure they are aware of our

As residents of Fulton County and business owners who often go to events and conventions downtown we will be spreading the word of the great work of your Ambassador Force.

Mary B.

I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance I received by the Ambassador Force when my car battery was dead at 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Uniformly, the staff at the Woodruff Park office were polite and friendly. Lorne Coleman and Milton Owens were prompt, professional, and courteous as they assisted me with my car.


Denis Z.

The purpose of this email is to let you know that we think Elaine Sampson is the best Ambassador on the force! Not only does she do a terrific job helping our students and parents during drop-off in the mornings, she goes above and beyond by actually volunteering at our school and tutoring students in the afternoons. We really appreciate all of her hard work and wonderful efforts on behalf of Atlanta New Century School - the parents, kids and teachers/staff all love her!
Thank you for having these fantastic people helping us at our downtown school everyday.

Angela Edmond

I just wanted to write you and express my gratitude for all the kind help two of your workers gave to my friend and me.We had forgotten where we parked our car Tuesday night July 13, after coming out of the Mart. Mark Appleby was standing along the street and as we approached him on the sidewalk, we mentioned we were lost and he immediately started walking with us, assuring us that we would find the car. After 20 min, or so, he called for someone on a bicycle to help us to check out various parking lots. My friend was getting dehydrated as we walked all over town, so, Mark walked in a restaurant and got some water for us to drink--he was so kind! Then he called for the van and Sheila Bowers helped us in the search of finding our car.

It was 10:15 PM before we located it and boy were we ever happy. Even though, at times, we thought we'd have to spend the night and start the search in the morning, Mark and Sheila always had positive comments to make and encouraged us ever so much. I can't thank them enough. We may have kept them out past their work hours, but it paid off and we drove home that evening arriving at 1:00 AM. They even directed us to Interstate 85, we couldn't have asked for more. They deserve a bonus, at least a blue ribbon.

Judy B.

PS. We are very impressed with how Atlanta handles their visitors and meets all our needs!

As a recent visitor to Atlanta, I would like to take this opportunity to commend your Ambassador task force. During my trip I was in need of some assistance in finding a drug store at 10 pm and two ambassadors came to my aid. Both Sheila Bowers and Angela Miller not only informed me where to go, but actually took me to the nearest Walgreens drug store. My entire stay in your city was fantastic, but your Ambassador task force blew me away! Keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Chris H.

Congratulations! You screen well and train better! Participated in the DOJ Conference at the Hyatt Downtown last week and had the wonderful privilege and opportunity to ask Jane Brown Lemons for directions and information!

What a wonderful Ambassador of Atlanta! During my short stay, we became friends through her professionalism, enthusiasm, warmth, detailed information, knowledge of the streets and blocks, copy of map! She left nothing to chance in making sure that full service was provided on behalf of Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, Inc.

Job Well Done Atlanta! Washington, DC is working hard to emulate you. Please be sure to share this with Jane as well as her supervisor. Thank you,

Sincerely Impressed,
Pamela M.

I had a swell time on my recent trip to Atlanta and was really impressed with the helpful and friendly Ambassadors downtown, particularly Jane Brown.  She found me near the Coca Cola building, looking a little puzzled, and just took over.  As she walked me to the MARTA Station, she gave me a map (which was much better than the one I had), pointed out historical buildings, parks, etc.  It was fun!  I appreciate her thoughtfulness.  Thanks!

Gadine A.