Downtown Atlanta Parking Assessment

Background and Overview

The vision of the future of Downtown Atlanta includes cultivating development of all scales and facilitating future growth in a sustainable manner.  Parking plays a role in the achievement of these goals as it is a link between the people and the places of Downtown.  The Downtown Atlanta Parking Assessment Project launched in summer 2013 with support from the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District and a Livable Centers Initiative grant awarded by the Atlanta Regional Commission. 

Key goals for the Assessment include strategically planning for the future of Downtown’s parking assets and improving customer parking experiences.  Primary objectives defined during the Assessment project included:

  •   Define a clear vision and purpose
  •   Manage Downtown’s parking assets and promote the functionality of existing facilities
  •   Enhance the parking experience for users
  •   Create implementable tools to promote and support the Downtown parking system.

Strategies were designed to achieve the defined objectives and improve the overall customer experience for users of the Downtown parking system.  They were developed through the evaluation of existing conditions, extensive stakeholder input and a review of national best management practices.

In addition to programmatic and specific recommendations, the Assessment project developed several pilot programs to help test the efficiency of implementing specific recommendations.  Over the next 12-18 months pilot projects will be unveiled, evaluated and restructured as needed based upon their outcomes.  The project’s implementation plan provides the framework for CAP/ADID and the City to carry out the necessary steps to create an improved parking program for Downtown Atlanta. 

Downtown Atlanta Parking Assessment
Completed June 30, 2014

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