Connect Atlanta Plan

The Connect Atlanta Plan, approved by the Atlanta City Council in December 2008, is the city’s first comprehensive transportation master plan. The recommendations of this plan, combined with the Atlanta region’s long-term regional transit vision (known as “Concept 3”), will increase urban mobility, sustainable development and the livability of the City of Atlanta. The vision is built on a foundation of well-planned transportation options, like the streetcar network, that will provide the connectivity needed by current residents and visitors, and is required to remain competitive for future economic development opportunities.

The first priority outlined within the Connect Atlanta Plan– building transit infrastructure – includes “identifying areas within the City with the potential to grow successfully and targeting the infrastructure required to achieve success.” The streetcar is the mode and the means to accomplish this goal.

As complementary elements like the Beltline, expanded express bus service, intercity passenger rail, and the Downtown multi-modal station are completed, the region will have unprecedented access to the “last mile” in the heart of Atlanta. Though some of these elements are still in planning and development, it is essential to continue advancing infrastructure, like the Atlanta Streetcar, to make our long-term vision a reality.