What organizations are part of the Atlanta Streetcar?

The Atlanta Streetcar is a collaborative effort by the City of Atlanta, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) and  the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) to bring to realization a complete transit infrastructure that will connect the metro area and the greater region.

What exactly is a streetcar?

A streetcar can be broadly defined as any vehicle running on rails in city streets. For our purposes, a streetcar is a modern, electrically-powered vehicle operating on rails in a street lane shared with other vehicles. The Atlanta Streetcar will be powered by a single overhead trolley wire.

Who supports the Atlanta Streetcar?

The Atlanta Streetcar’s TIGER funding application included more than 50 letters of support from the Atlanta business community as well as metro area economic development, environmental and transportation organizations. The project also received letters of support from Congressman John Lewis, Senator Saxby Chambliss and Senator Johnny Isakson.

Why the Streetcar?

What is the economic impact?

What are the projected outcomes?

What are Tiger Grants?

What about construction and operations?