Increasingly, urban mobility is a key factor in recruiting new industry and visitors to the city and the state. Without advancing transit projects that reduce congestion and promote more sustainable, livable communities, Atlanta stands to lose ground to competitors like Charlotte and Dallas. The Atlanta Streetcar is a vehicle not only for transit, but also for economic development and a greener, more sustainable community.

Fixed routes attract businesses in the streetcar corridor
Streetcars have been proven to act a catalyst for revitalization and economic development along their route
Generates both short- and long-term jobs
Greater connectivity to the region and the state, increasing visitors to the city

How would this project “generate economic recovery?”

Offering enhanced travel options and increased urban mobility, Georgia Transit Connector’s proposed streetcar will play an important role in economic development and job creation along its routes, both from Midtown to Downtown and in the east-west corridor from Centennial Olympic Park to The King Center.

The project is shovel-ready, and can move forward as soon as we have funding; meaning that economic stimulus and job creation will begin almost immediately. It is projected the implementation of Georgia Transit Connector’s proposed streetcar will generate more than 40 long-term jobs directly related to the streetcar’s operation and maintenance. In addition, the streetcar will generate a significant number of short-term jobs for its construction. Longer-term jobs resulting from new transit-oriented development are also expected to follow, as demonstrated in cities such as Portland. The total impact of the Atlanta Streetcar attributable to the construction of new corridor development between 2012 and 2032 is forecasted at 4,241 jobs in Fulton County plus 17,557 jobs in the broader Atlanta region.

What is the cost benefit of the streetcar?

In a cost-benefit analysis on a project of this nature, the goal is to achieve a 1 or better. The cost-benefit analysis of the streetcar is 2.56.