Be Streetcar Smart

Streetcars are powered by electricity. The overhead wire is energized at 750v DC. Do not attempt to climb the poles, touch the wires, or place any item in contact with them.


If waiting at a stop, please stay behind the red tactile strip, and move toward the Streetcar only after it has stopped completely. While on the Streetcar, hold the overhead bars to secure a safe ride. If traveling with a mobility device or stroller, position wheels perpendicular to the Streetcar’s direction of travel. Please report any suspicious items or activity to the Streetcar driver.


Stop, Look and Listen before crossing the street. Obey all walk signals, look both directions, and keep children close. Do not run in front of an approaching Streetcar.  
Motorists Streetcars act like cars, but they’re not cars! They obey the same traffic laws as other vehicles, but they cannot stop quickly or maneuver out of the way. Do not attempt to pass a Streetcar. When parking on-street, park inside the lines and do not double park.


Watch your wheels! Cross tracks as close to a right angle as possible, and do not lean into turns when crossing the track. Remember that wet tracks can be slippery, so sometimes it is safest to walk your bike across the tracks.  

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