Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal

Much planning has occurred over the past two decades to prepare the Atlanta region for commuter rail service and to advance a Downtown Atlanta Multimodal Passenger Terminal (MMPT). Today the vision for passenger rail service in Downtown Atlanta remains in tact. In light of recent progress over the past two years, Georgia stands ready to compete with other states in reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality through the advancement of a number of rail initiatives.


The Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) Intermodal Office, in partnership with others, continues to advance rail transportation initiatives, activities that are advancing Georgia towards implementation of the state’s first commuter rail line.

The Multimodal Passenger Terminal

The MMPT will be the region’s major passenger terminal with facilities envisioned for new commuter rail and intercity passenger rail services, ,as well as intercity, regional express , and local buses (Greyhound, Southeastern Stages, GRTA Xpress, Cobb Community Transit, Gwinnett County Transit, and MARTA). The facility will also be designed to accommodate future transportation, including high speed rail, light rail, and streetcar services.

The new terminal’s planned location in Downtown Atlanta has evolved over several decades and multiple planning efforts. The project will reside within much of the “gulch,” an area between Forsyth Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive. This location lies immediately west of the MARTA Five Points Station, the hub of the Atlanta region’s rapid rail system and the crossroads of various railroads serving the Atlanta region and the Southeast.

In 2010 representatives from GDOT, MARTA, the City of Atlanta, ARC, GRTA, and CAP/ADID have partnered on a scope of work to advance technical planning activities for the MMPT. Led by an ‘MMPT Technical Committee,’ the work will update and define the facility’s functional requirements for a modern, fully integrated transportation center that addresses current requirements and future needs. The new facility requirements will replace those last documented by the GDOT MMPT Concept Design Report, completed in 2002.

The work of the MMPT Technical Committee is being closely coordinated with GDOT’s Public Private Partnership (P3) program as GDOT, with support from the partners above, advances a procurement process for selection of a master development team for the MMPT. The P3 approach envisions phased realization of the MMPT and ancillary uses, which include commercial and retail development, housing, open space and civic functions consistent with CAP/ADID’s Green Line vision plan.

Overview of recent MMPT Technical Committee activities (April 2010).