Transportation Improvements

An efficient, well-managed, safe and attractive transportation system supports continued vitality and contributes to Downtown’s character. As Downtown Atlanta plans for growth and revitalization, projects are being undertaken to create the appropriate infrastructure, environment and amenities necessary to support this expansion.  The projects will also strive to enhance the transportation network to serve pedestrians, cyclists, auto drivers and transit users. Projects are identified during planning processes, through community feedback and during existing infrastructure analysis. Additional priorities, as well as funding sources for projects are constantly being identified.

Together these improvements are transforming Downtown Atlanta into an attractive and accessible center city.

Downtown Signalization  Upgrades & Retiming Project

Portman Boulevard PATH and Streetscape

Bike Lanes, Cycletracks and Sharrows

Auburn Avenue History and Culture Information

Peachtree Center Avenue Cycle Track

Peachtree Street Bridge Enhancements

And much work has been recently completed.
Over $42 million has been invested in the last 10 years in the following projects


Download a summary of current and recent Downtown transportation projects.


Thank you to our partners!  These projects have been made possible through the collaboration of public and private partners including the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, the City of Atlanta, the PATH Foundation, the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program, the Georgia Department of Transportation, the State Road and Tollway Authority, and the Westside Tax Allocation District.

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