Bike Lanes, Cycletracks and Sharrows

The City of Atlanta is setting ambitious goals related to bicycle infrastructure and is making real investments in these improvements to meet those goals. Click here to view a presentation to City Council summarizing the state of cycling in Atlanta today, current city and partner funding sources and projects, and goals for a bright bicycling future for our city.

The Atlanta Downtown Improvement District is working with the City of Atlanta to implement improvements to Downtown's street network to make cycling in the city core safer and easier.  A $300,000 investment is underway to implement the recommendations of the Cycle Atlanta plan.  As a supplement to the City of Atlanta's Connect Atlanta plan, Cycle Atlanta will establish a vision and plan for core bicycle routes in the center city.  The Cycle Atlanta plan will be released during Summer 2013.  A preliminary map of the corridors being analyzed can be found here.

In addition to bike lanes and sharrows that are already in place Downtown, the following enhancements will be added in 2013 and early 2014:

  • Peachtree Street: striped bike lanes between Peachtree Center Avenue and North Avenue
  • Peachtree Center Avenue Cycletrack: a protected two-way, wide bike lane between Peachtree Street and Edgewood Avenue
  • Auburn and Edgewood avenues: paired one-way bike lanes between Park Place and Jackson Street with streetcar completion in early 2014
  • Decatur Street: sharrows and 'share the road' signage will be installed between Jesse Hill Jr. Drive and Jackson Street

To learn more about bike routes in Downtown and the City of Atlanta use the Bicycle Suitability Map developed with our partner the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.

ADID also installs bike racks annually around Downtown.  To find a bike rack in Downtown use our interactive map.


For more information contact Wesley Brown at (404) 658-5983 or