Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive

Construction is complete!

Thank you to all of our project partners and the property owners and businesses along the street for their paitence during construction.

Background and Overview

Pedestrian amenity and safety improvements were identified for Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive through the project prioritization efforts of the Imagine Downtown visioning process. Marietta Street is one of Downtown’s key visitor and tourist routes that connects the Centennial Olympic Park area with Underground Atlanta and Five Points. The intersection in front of CNN Center alone sees millions of pedestrians annually. While sidewalk improvements were completed prior to the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, extensive utility construction, normal wear and tear and increased pedestrian activity have caused deteriorated sidewalk conditions throughout the corridor. The intent of this project is to improve the comfort and safety of the pedestrian experience in this corridor. Anticipated improvements include:

Sidewalk Improvements

  • Replacing existing concrete and decorative paver sidewalks and making granite curb improvements
  • “Greening” the corridor with new raised planters, in-ground planters, additional flower baskets, additional street trees and tree well plantings
  • Adding decorative fencing at medians and in-ground planters
  • Adding new pedestrian lighting and refurbishing the existing street light poles
  • Removing existing newspaper boxes and consolidating papers in “condos”
  • Installing new trash cans

Intersection Safety Improvements

  • Providing ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps on deficient streets
  • Re-painting high-visibility crosswalk markings at all crosswalks

Street Improvements

  • Creating well marked loading zones and bus stops
  • Creating consistent and continuous vehicle lanes
  • Creating a new median west of Centennial Olympic Park Drive
  • Milling and re-paving the street

The project area includes the sidewalks and intersections along the approximately 6/10 of a mile (3,400 linear feet) along Marietta Street between Peachtree Street and Park Avenue West (f.k.a Foundry Street) and Centennial Olympic Park Drive between Marietta Street and Luckie Street. Of particular interest along these corridors is the intersection of Marietta Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive, which sees extremely heavy traffic, both auto and pedestrian, due to the nearby attractions of the park, CNN Center, GWCC, Georgia Dome and Philips Arena.

The total design and construction cost of the improvements is estimated at $6.0 million dollars. Funding for the project is being provided by the Georgia Department of Transportation through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Matching funds are being contributed by the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District.  In kind support and coordination is being provided by the City of Atlanta.

Design and engineering was completed by the team of Carol R. Johnson & Associates and CDMSmith (f.k.a.Wilbur Smith & Associates.)