Peachtree Corridor Improvements


The project is substantiality complete. After the record breaking summer heat, the landscaping is currently being replaced with new plant material. This process will be complete by Friday August 17, 2012.


Project Background

Peachtree Street has been identified as a priority corridor for pedestrian safety and beautification enhancements. During the development of the Imagine Downtown plan, citizens, residents and stakeholders expressed their desire for Peachtree Street to be the premier street of the southeast.  As Atlanta’s “Main Street,” Peachtree Street is envisioned as the A+ location for high-rise offices, thriving shopping and entertainment districts, and the heart of the hotel district.  Peachtree Street is the one corridor in Downtown that traverses and connects all of Downtown’s signature districts. It will be a destination unto itself, as well as a gateway to other neighborhoods.  New housing within the corridor will attract more retail, entertainment and cultural venues.

CAP/ADID in partnership with the Midtown Alliance are working towards the implementation of transportation improvements, streetscapes, parks and other public space enhancements along Peachtree Street within Downtown and Midtown.  To advance this effort and in order to secure funding for the construction of the envisioned improvements CAP/ADID and Midtown Alliance have completed a detailed Concept Design to identify the appropriate enhancments.

The project is also being coordinated with the activities of the Atlanta Committee for Progress’s “Peachtree Corridor Taskforce”, a group that was assembled by Mayor Shirley Franklin to develop an executable vision and comprehensive improvement plan for the Peachtree Street Corridor.  A key recommendation of the Taskforce is the construction and operation of a streetcar along Peachtree Street.


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