Peachtree Street SW Streetscape

Growing out of the Operation Best Foot Forward initiative, work is underway to develop a vision for the appropriate streetscape improvements for the three blocks of Peachtree Street SW at Five Points between Marietta Street and Martin Luther King Jr.   The collaborative design process led by planners and engineers with Kimley Horn & Associates has included a community design charrette and technical pedestrian, cycling and vehicular traffic analysis to develop stakeholder supported concepts for creative and affordable improvements to enhance the appearance and experience of the streets, sidewalks and plazas.

Key considerations have included:  Future traffic projections following Multimodal Passenger Terminal construction and redevelopment of surrounding sites.  What does the proposed street cross section look like – three travel lanes, two travel lanes, wider sidewalks, on-street parking, bike lanes, etc.  Will the Atlanta Streetcar network be extended along Peachtree Street? How would we accommodate loading/unloading for businesses?  How much will construction cost?

Work on the plan continues and is expected to be complete in the Summer of 2013. Download the current DRAFT preliminary concept plan here.

Phase I Improvements - 2012 and 2013

While the vision is being developed, immediate physical improvements are being made including:

  • Flower Baskets and Banners installed on decorative street light poles: Complete
  • Holiday Lighting installed on all poles: Complete and on-going during the holidays
  • Street Trees and Planters - existing tree wells to be expanded, fenced decoratively and new trees, greenery and foliage added: Coming Summer 2013
  • Street Lights - existing poles to be replaced with decorative street lights poles and additional poles installed: Coming Fall 2013


In May 2012, Operation Best Foot Forward was formed as a result of a collaboration between two sections of the southern Downtown business community (Underground Atlanta and adjoining businesses, and the South Peachtree Merchants’ Association), along with the City of Atlanta (Mayor’s Office, Department of Public Works, and the Police Department), MARTA and CAP/ADID.  The purpose was to join forces operationally in mitigating the aesthetic look of the physical structures, streetscapes, cleanliness, perception and public safety of the area of Downtown south of Marietta Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on Peachtree Street, including two blocks east and west (Central Avenue and Forsyth Street.)

An initial needs assessment and work plan was developed and efforts have progressed to address the identified needs. Specific areas of concern and associated actions include:  Public Safety and police support; Public Works support for trash removal, street lighting, streetscapes, tree and landscape maintenance; Code Enforcement for building facades and property frontage; as well as planning and investment by the City and CAP/ADID to the overall look of the area.

Area stakeholders have identified the need for streetscape enhancements - particuarly along Peachtree Street - to contribute to the enhancement of the area.


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