Speaker's Corner

Woodruff Park now features a Speaker’s Corner. This area of the park allows members of the public to speak, act, dance or sing about anything, as long as it is in accordance with public law and decency ordinances.

Participants in the Speaker’s Corner are required to sign up with the Downtown Atlanta Ambassador Force on the South end of Woodruff Park:

Downtown Atlanta Ambassador Force
Atlanta Downtown Improvement District
25 Peachtree Street Suite 13
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Scheduling is granted on a first-come, first-served basis and is allotted in fifteen minute increments for each speaker. If there is a scheduling conflict with another program or event in the park, the Speaker’s Corner will be relocated by Woodruff Park staff to an alternate site within the Park.

Speaking or verbal communication to the general public above a normal talking voice will only be allowed at the Speaker’s Corner. No amplification is allowed,
unless permitted separately.

For more information about the Speaker’s Corner or other Woodruff Park programs, please contact Wilma Sothern at