Castleberry Hill / Westside

Color Key: Complete Planned Under Construction

Castleberry Park / Hard Rock Hotel
Centennial Olympic Park Drive

200-room Hard Rock Hotel with about 120 apartments, retail space and a small park on a site bounded by Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Mitchell, Chapel and Magnum streets.

Clarion Inn and Suites
186 Northside Dr

Friendship Village
15 acres bound by MLK, Walnut, Fair and Northside

Mixed use development consisting of residential units, and office. Development will also include a 45,100-square foot grocery store, 44,800 square feet of retail space, and 44,800 square feet of restaurant space. Project will be completed in one phase, by 2022.

Herdon Homes Redevelopment
Northside at John's Street

Redevelopment of the old Herndon Homes site into a mixed income community including a grocery store and 700 units of housing

Smith & Porter Railside Flats
Peters St

Multi-family apartments in Castleberry Hill along the railline.