What: From November 13 - 17, Central Atlanta Progress is hosting Sneaker Week to promote sustainability and health Downtown. Throughout the week, collection bins for used sneakers will be placed in major office buildings throughout Downtown. Depending on wear and tear, the used sneakers will either be donated to charity or recycled.

As a synergy with this recycling program, you're encouraged to tie on your own sneaks and get around during lunch. By promoting recycling and human-powered transportation, sneaker week is creating a more sustainable and healthier Downtown. Plus, it’s always a great time to discover hidden gems in Atlanta. 

When: November 13 - 17, 2017

Who: All Downtown properties are encouraged to place sneaker recycling bins in their buildings. Central Atlanta Progress will arrange the recycling drive bins and pick-up according to the specifications of each property. 

Winners and Prizes:
The top three organizations by number of sneakers donated/recycled will win King of Pops parties. Plaques will also be awarded to the winning parties. 


For more information or to request a collection bin, please click here

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