Downtown Green Source is the sustainability program of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID). Atlanta is making great progress toward environmental and economic sustainability. Through our Downtown Green Source program, CAP/ADID strives to make Downtown Atlanta more sustainable. We are committed to implementing and supporting numerous sustainability programs, partnerships, and initiatives. After all, Atlanta’s sustainability starts Downtown.


Sustainable Transportation
By promoting transit options and providing commuters with information, we are improving the walkability and bikability of Downtown while promoting a variety of clean commute options. 

Green Buildings
The Downtown Green Source program encourages building owners and businesses to take part in the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge. Together, we’re working towards reducing commercial building energy and water consumption city-wide by 20% by year 2020.

Waste Diversion
It’s not enough to keep trash off the streets; we want to send less trash to the landfills! Through our annual recycling drives, support of property managers and partnerships throughout Downtown, Central Atlanta Progress is working to divert more waste from the landfill. 

Local /Sustainable Food Sourcing
From rooftop gardens to curbside fresh markets, the Downtown Green Source program is passionate about fresh taste and sustainable food options. By connecting Downtown Hotels, “restaurantrepreneurs,” and property owners to urban agriculture leaders and a wealth of sustainable food options, we’re helping to bring fresh, local food to Downtown’s restaurants and residents.

Water Conservation
Downtown is uniquely situated at the confluence of three watersheds, so it is especially important that we reduce the amount of runoff and pollution that enters local waterways. Through green infrastructure and water conservation initiatives, the Downtown Green Source program works tirelessly to promote water conservation and resource awareness.

Green Space
Atlanta- The city in a forest. It’s not a name we take lightly. It’s one that’s earned and safely guarded through smart planning, open green spaces, tree cover and lots of flowers! Collaborating with the ADID Clean Team, Trees Atlanta and many others, we’re making Downtown Atlanta a great, green place.