CAP Membership

Join us and Become an Influential Part of Downtown!

Since 1941, CAP has worked closely on issues that impact the growth and prosperity of Downtown, as well as the entire Atlanta region. Our membership includes corporations, small local businesses, civic organizations, regional leaders, and property owners.

By joining and renewing your Membership each year, you’re stepping up as an active stakeholder in our efforts to keep Downtown vibrant, safe, and smart. The support of our Members enables us to:

  • Advance exciting new projects like the Atlanta Streetcar and Multimodal Passenger Terminal
  • Oversee critical improvements to Downtown infrastructure such as roadways and public spaces
  • Promote redevelopment and economic growth through marketing, strategic planning, coalition building, and securing new public and private investments in our community
  • Continue successful efforts like the Ambassador Force that preserve cleanliness, hospitality, and safety

Being a Member of Central Atlanta Progress also affords you more opportunities to benefit as an active and informed citizen.  Our members enjoy a long list of personalized benefits that include unique networking opportunities, preferred vendor status and economical sponsorship opportunities, as well as one-on-one assistance from a CAP liaison. You'll also be invited to participate in CAP Membership Councils that support our efforts and advise our staff on matters such as Infrastructure, Economic Development, Marketing, and Public Safety.  Additionally, you’ll receive monthly e-newsletters and invitations to Town Hall Meetings that will keep informed and engaged around the events and issues that matter most to Downtown’s stakeholders.  

To discuss membership opportunities, contact our Membership and Development Manager, Emily Yerke, at 404-658-5905.

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