CAP Intern Spotlight: Andyan Diwangkari

May 26, 2021

An Enduring Legacy: 80 Years of CAP is an observance of our organization's eight decades of impact, and we'll be taking a look at this impact from a variety of angles. In this Intern Spotlight blog series, we're exploring how CAP helps shape the next generation of civic leaders. We have an illustrious roster of CAP intern alums. This month, meet Andyan Diwangkari, who now works for The World Bank.

Tell us about your internship with CAP. What sorts of projects did you work on?

As an intern back in 2018/19, I was involved in Downtown Connects, which helps Downtown employees find more clean commutes. Having studied urban planning, helping to create a vibrant but environmentally friendly place is close to my heart. From educating Downtown employees about travel options, personalizing their commute plans, and helping organize Walk Challenge, I was excited about the works I did with Downtown Connects. Fun fact: I was also an intern at CAP when Atlanta United won MLS Cup and Atlanta hosted Super Bowl -- very exciting time!

How would you describe CAP to someone who has never heard of the organization?

CAP is an organization equipped with highly motivated staff with a vision to make Downtown Atlanta a sustainable place to live, work, and play. Engaging with businesses, leaders, and the community in Downtown Atlanta, CAP serves as a catalyst that pushes forward projects and programs to make Downtown a safer and more thriving place while preserving its history.

How did your internship experience with CAP prepare you for later professional endeavors?

Being an intern at CAP exposed me to how a not-for-profit organization operates. Furthermore, it allowed me to learn how a Downtown organization partners with businesses, employers, civic leaders, city government, and the community. This dynamic reflects public-private partnerships that tackle many urban challenges, a model that is still rare in my home country, which I hope to promote in my professional life.

What would you say is or will be CAP’s legacy? Do certain projects come to mind?

It's hard to name specific projects. I think the legacy of CAP is its perseverance, as projects could take many, many years to shape. But during my time living in Atlanta, my favorite project was MARTA Makeover Project in Five Points. It lifted the vibrancy of Five Points and made it more of a welcoming place.

What do you hope to see CAP do in the future?

Keep up the good work! It would be fascinating to see how visionary projects like the Stitch manifests in the years to come. And I'm hoping that CAP continues to work on TOD development to promote more sustainable transportation in Downtown and Atlanta in general.