CAP Intern Spotlight: Ben Lang

June 25, 2021

An Enduring Legacy: 80 Years of CAP is an observance of our organization's eight decades of impact, and we'll be taking a look at this impact from a variety of angles. In this Intern Spotlight blog series, we're exploring how CAP helps shape the next generation of civic leaders. We have an illustrious roster of CAP intern alums. This month, meet Ben Lang, who recently graduated from Georgetown University and will soon head to Germany as the recipient of a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award.

Tell us about your internship with CAP. What sorts of projects did you work on?

I was an intern during the summer of 2019, and I got to work on projects across departments, but mainly with marketing/membership and economic development.  

For membership, one of my main projects including researching types of membership tiers of similar organizations to CAP and seeing how CAP could evolve their own membership structure into a tiered system based on involvement and financial commitment. 

For marketing/social impact, I helped work on expanding the addressing homelessness initiative as well work on the Partners for Hope website. 

For economic development, I assisted on interviews for the report on the Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge as well as worked on research on gambling legalization in Georgia.

Additionally, I got to spend a lot of time in Woodruff Park helping out with Food Truck Fridays (a personal favorite).

How would you describe CAP to someone who has never heard of the organization?

CAP is an organization devoted to supporting Downtown Atlanta's leadership, growth, and infrastructure. It is full of people who love Atlanta and are committed to making sure Downton is the best it can be.  

How did your internship experience with CAP prepare you for later professional endeavors?

This was my first full-time internship (it was the summer after my sophomore year of college) - what I appreciated about it so much was the ability to get my hands on so many different types of projects, from marketing to economic development. This allowed me to figure out what types of professional work I found most challenging and interesting.

On a work-specific level, the skills I learned in both attending meetings with AJ and Wilma in terms of professional etiquette, as well as my work with Excel on Downtown real estate research, and work with writing research reports - like on the membership tier levels - helped make me both a more efficient worker and holistic professional.  

What would you say is or will be CAP’s legacy? Do certain projects come to mind?

From my own time, the first project that always comes to mind is the Atlanta Better Buildings challenge - specifically CAP's work on catalyzing the project as a whole. 

I thought this perfectly displayed CAP's strength in bringing organizations and people together in support of making Atlanta and Downtown not just a leader in Georgia, but on a national stage. 

This to me speaks to the CAP's greater legacy as an organization that can bring a community together for the greater benefit of Atlanta.

What do you hope to see CAP do in the future?

All I can say is I hope to see CAP continue to do the great work they do in Downtown right now. It has been two years since my internship at CAP, and I have loved continuing to follow and see all the great things CAP does in Downtown.